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House of the Pampa




La Pampa: Maria Eva Dolard

Neuquen: Lulu Bonato

Rio Negro: Maia Gattas Vargas

Chubut: Irina Svoboda

Santa Cruz: Patricia Viel

Tierra del Fuego: Malala Lekander

Patagonia is a text that includes many versions. The imaginary geography in which this part of the world translates into excess, loneliness and remoteness, has an origin: the texts of European travelers, and it also tends to have theoretical uses that simplify the link between territory and art.


Of course, the magnitude of the landscape is inescapable and imposes itself as a mark of reality. But here the landscape data unfolds, but not so much associated with a type of nature, but rather with a type of observation and practice. The artistic productions of the region offer above all an experience of space linked to modes of subjectivity that can be enunciated under the sign of a we. Each of the artists has a personal history with geocultural displacements, they are not closed in their biographies, thus weaving a larger plot in which they participate. This exhibition is an attempt to meet, which they promote intensely through all the projects they light up.


Through his poetics, the historical legibility of the Patagonian space is problematized as a unique and stable reference of reality. The region is observed and imagined from constantly shifting optics that are situated in a relational dynamic with other spaces to build their own definition. The artists that make up this exhibition create effects of reality and even legitimacy. 


The territory is in the pieces, outside and inside them, in an exteriority and interiority whose limits are imprecise. Landscapes are generated -sound, textual, visual- carriers of an irreverence before what "has been given", a structure that reproduces changing and confusing patterns, just as memory works. Unifying fragments and repeating. The fluidity of languages, the latency of images and texts are then the architecture of the wandering, unfinished place. A possible way of explaining reality.

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