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south utopia

by Sonia Cortez

The spirit of the times 

Minncelli Museum 2014

Patricia Viel from this land of myths and legends bears witness to this possible south in the metaphor of remaining inside and surviving outside.  Travel from this present to a pioneering past; it questions itself and questions us: What is the status of the past in relation to this present? That past was a dream? was it a myth? was it a utopia? A dramatic form, is it in any case an intermittent form, exceptional? Patagonia, a fantasy of the disappearance of all culture? of all landscape? of history itself in lack of differentiation?  "Spirit of the times" gives us a dimension of what is possible. As a utopia to walk..."She is on the horizon. I take two steps closer, she moves two more steps away. I walk ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further. As much as I walk, I will never reach her. What is utopia for? It is for that: to walk."   Utopia (by Eduardo Galeano) 

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