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Río Gallegos, Río Grande, Punta Areas

A forest of lenga burning, old photographs taken from my ancestors, skeletons of beds found, and small painted sketches of burning houses, coexist in this installation project, each of these symbols represent intimacy, absence and the past. This work coexists with the analogy of a before / after, of the things that were and that now do not exist or that were transformed.

Utopia to the south

Sonia Cortez

MAEM - Emilio Minnicelli Museum of Art (Río Gallegos, Argentina)

Patricia Viel from this land of myths and legends testifies to this possible south in the metaphor of staying inside and surviving outside. Travel from this present to a pioneering past; he asks himself and asks us: What is the status of the past in relation to this present? Was that past a dream? was it a myth? Was it a utopia? A dramatic form, is it in any case an intermittent, exceptional form? Patagonia a fantasy of the disappearance of all culture? Of any landscape? Of history itself in undifferentiation? "Spirit of the times" gives us a dimension of the possible. Like a utopia to walk ... "She is on the horizon. I take two steps closer, she takes two more steps away. I walk ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further. No matter how much I walk, I will never reach her. What is utopia for? It is for that: to walk. "

Utopia (by Eduardo Galeano)

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